About Me

My photography highlights mammals and the ecosystems that they inhabit. Using a combination of traditional bushcraft and modern technology, I embrace the challenge of tracking and photographing rare and obscure species. I have captured the first known photos of kit foxes and hog-nosed skunks in Colorado, and the first footage of northern flying squirrels in the state. I have filmed, photographed, and contributed to research efforts with numerous endangered species across the continent, including black-footed ferrets, sea otters, manatees, polar bears, and more.
My work has been published in various books and magazines, including Climbing, Rock and Ice, and Colorado Outdoors, and National Wildlife magazine, exhibited in Denver's Santa Fe Art District, and at the American Mountaineering Center in Golden.
Together, with my wife, I operate Just Float Films, producing immersive wildlife and nature documentary films. 
I am also an expedition leader with Natural Habitat Adventures, guiding guests on wildlife watching and photography adventures of their own.
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