About Me

My photography highlights mammals and the ecosystems that they inhabit. Living in Colorado gives me access to a wonderful range of biodiversity, from the eastern grasslands to the high alpine tundra. Through pictures and words, it is my goal to entertain, to educate, and ultimately further the conservation of our native fauna and wild places.
I enjoy and specialize in photographing many species that are often overlooked by mainstream wildlife photographers. My favorite subjects are the mustelids, or weasel family, which includes bold and cunning carnivores like the black-footed ferret, otters, badgers, and perhaps the most formidable of all, the wolverine. 
I love the challenge of tracking and photographing rare and obscure species, or species that are expanding into new ranges, including armadillos and ringtails.
My work has been published in various books and magazines, including Climbing, Rock and Ice, and Colorado Outdoors, and National Wildlife magazine, exhibited in Denver's Santa Fe Art District, and at the American Mountaineering Center in Golden.
Together, with my wife, I operate Just Float Films. Join me in the field with Natural Habitat Adventures.
All images on this website are copyright the author. Please contact me for image licensing or assignment work.